From Backup to Cloud Standby!

SEP AG and Fujitsu become partners - active for new issues!
Together, the companies offer a solution stack for cloud standby.

The booming industrial spying takes every opportunity to optimize the variety of surveillance, caused by total networking. For example, PRISM, the "Planning Tool for Resource Integration, Synchronization and Management", is just one of the tops of the current known data-collecting mania of different countries. The loss of confidence in cloud computing due to PRISM is extremely high. However, data- and information management can’t live without cloud computing.

SEP AG and Fujitsu have taken up the cause to provide flexible and safe backup and replication solutions. Each backup, but also all data streams can be encrypted. The data protection specialists extend the backup functionality to a cloud-standby solution. This allows restores of critical business data in physical or virtualized IT-environments. The "Planned Restore" guarantees an immediate start of standby servers with their applications and data in the cloud. The Fujitsu certified Hybrid Backup Solution SEP sesam backs up all required enterprise-wide data sources consistently. Backups can then be transferred from any branch office to a central location with intelligent Fujitsu Storage Solutions . Upon failure of a branch server environment this will be started in a central location.
These solutions provide the security of data to be able to work flexibly at any time.

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